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Resume Manager & Applicants

Resume Manager section helps the user to maintain registered applicant data and also bulk resume parsing data where any resume parsed in the system becomes a candidate and helps to merge duplicate records in the system. It is a very effective module to improve import candidates using their resumes and help to avoid manual entries in the system and effectively manage most valuable data resumes. The Apptrino Resume Manager provides full tracking of potential employees giving used to the essential speed to quickly locate top talent when organization demands it.

Resume parsing software is the most accurate, fastest and most flexible in staffing software. Apptrino is one of the most configurable, scalable and accurate recruitment intelligence software in the market. It's also simple to integrate.

Resume parsing technology offers an unrivaled level of accuracy, efficiency and configurability. From easy integration to comprehensive configurations to delivering precise results, get the results that need quickly and efficiently. User can Parse Multiple Resume at a time and save users effort & time.

Once a registered user become “Applicant” from resume of interest & Join Now (Registration), the records are displayed under “Applicants” and Recruiter will benefit from the excellent care provided by the Apptrino Applicant module. At Applicant Module understand the importance of its role in a candidate´s job search process. Applicant Module committed to work closely with the user in every step of the way, providing career advice, managing responsibilities and expectations, and staying in touch with after job placements.

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